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Sunday, May 14th, 2006

Time:12:48 pm.
Mood: nostalgic.
It looks like life in Cork is coming to a close. I finished up my last night working at the Star Friday, and It really dawned on me how much things with that have changed since I first come to Ireland. I remember feeling so outside the circle my first night sitting for staff drink after a shift. I knew maybe one person well enough to feel comfortable enough to try to talk with, and they of course knew everyone else, so mainly I just didnt talk much. I didn't really know what to do with myself and I was the only American in the place so that meant I wasn't really on the 'in' with talk of sport and whatnot. Friday I sat around a table with an entire staff that I knew and liked, was bought about 4 free rounds and was talking to everyone. People were pullin the piss outta me and I was pullin the piss outta them. I understood a fair lot about the matches they were talking about, and I knew exactly what I was doing. Strange how it works that as soon as you realize that you feel like you've been secured in a circle of people, it's time you have to leave? I'm going to definitely miss hanging out with those guys after work. It'd been so great working and hanging out with the Star staff these past couple months.

Aside from work, as much as I like to bitch about my apartment here, it's going to be sad to leave it. I'd never had my own room -nevermind my own bathroom! - before coming here, and even though we don't have a proper oven, the kitchen is pretty sweet too. The people in Vict. Lodge have all bonded over our mildly messed up apartment complex. The wardens. Reception. The doors that don't always work. The broken down elevator. The hot water that sometimes likes to not work. Ah, good times.

It'll be hard to transition from the slower more relaxed pace of life over here back to the hyper-speed world that is Cape Cod in the summer. It's about time that I started switching back into higher gears though, I suppose. I can't believe the year is over......

Wednesday, I pack up my entire life. I leave Cork, never to return to my Victoria Lodge apartment again. I'm then going to be in Greece for a week (poor me, huh? haha) and my flight back to Ireland on the 25th has a 12 hour layover in Budapest so I get to chill out in Hungary for a while before touching down in Dublin for my last night in Ireland. I'll be back in the States for the night of the 26th. 12 days. 12 more days and my year in Ireland is officially over. This one is gunna stick with me I think.
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Saturday, April 15th, 2006

Subject:Funny how it works that way
Time:5:57 pm.
I've bitched and complained a lot in my time and been oh-so-certain that things really couldn't get much worse. I've thought that I had gotten the raw end of things and all that crap. One thing I never have really connected with was the idea of "It'll never happen to me", since in my experience, it will.

What's strange is, I caught a very unlucky curveball the other day. And it's scarred and there's nothing I can do to get rid of it. It's always going to be there. This is perhaps one of the most 'unfair' curveballs I've been pelted with. Probably the worst... or atleast it seems that way right now. However, it's really changed something in me - corny as that sounds.

I've been thinking about it, and really, everything that's gone 'poorly' for me in my life has been brought on by my own actions. I am coming to accept that now. What's done is done and crying or moaning over it isn't going to fix it or make it better. The only thing to do is to pick yourself up and deal with it head on or you'll just be stuck in the same place forever and usually the places you get stuck are muddy and gross and depressing and who wants to be stagnant in a place like that?

Yes, I realize full well that this particular new curve was not entirely my fault. There was another party at play, and if I wanted to be shallow or immature I could point the finger of blame entirely at them and try to play the victim... but truth be told, they didn't get off easy in this little fiasco either, and they didn't do anything maliciously, so why try to make myself feel righteous when we're sitting one seat away from eachother in the same boat and neither of us is really in the right. It can be pretty annoying when people tell you things are blessings in disguise or that everything happens for a reason, but this time I think I can actually see it. I am positive that there are certain things about my behavior that will never be the same again. That's an unavoidable fact at this point. And I'm pretty surprised at myself how quickly I've come to accept the state of things and as black as I felt it was at first, I'm almost more optimistic about things now... which is really odd.

Don't get me wrong. I am upset, on a certain level. There are still quite a few areas that need to get straightened out. Still a few confrontations that need to take place. I'll buck up and get through them and it'll be alright in the end, because it's OK in the end and if it's not OK it ain't over yet.

Funny how it works out that the one thing I thought I was doing right, I was doing wrong all along, and that it took a really wrong turn to put me on the way to going right.

Huh. Will you look at that?
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Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

Time:6:18 pm.
How you know I'm procrastinating studying for finals...Collapse )
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Time:5:56 pm.
<lj-cut text= "How you know I'm procrastinating studying for finals..." Chapters Recap of your life (Basically like a book) Chapter 1--Basics Initials: CER Birthday: June 11, 1985 (<-big birthday comin' up people! i will be insulted if you do not come out for it!) Current location: Cork, IRE Height: 5'6 Hair length: Wow... getting long again... down a few inches below my shoulder already Eye color: Brown. Piercings: Just the ears... but I keep meaning to get my bellybutton pierced Chapter 2--Family Do you live with your parents?: Nope Do you get along with your parents?: Yeah... and have a lot better since I've been moved out. Are your parents married/separated/divorced?: divorced Do you have any siblings?: 2 and 1/2 What pets do you have?: None, unfortunately. Chapter 3--Favorites City: Edinburgh... and Boston. Ice cream flavor: I pretty much live for ice cream so picking one favorite is like asking a mother which child she loves best... but I do tend to favor mint chocolate chip, vanilla, and orange sherbert (cookie dough too) Season: Summer. I like my weather hot and sunny Clothing brand: Target? Color(s): Black, blue, and red i suppose Number: Got a bunch. Usually 13 as a lucky number, and 4, 6, and 16 for sports if 13 isn't available. 3 and 7 are classic as well. Shape: Circles and squares Girl's Name: Rya Boy's Name: Ciornan Place to vacation: Nothing can really top camping in New Hampshire with the six... but for places I still want to go: Scotland - I'd like to see the highlands, Greece, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Australia, Tazmania, China, Egypt, Wales, pretty much backpack around europe... there's still time. Candy: Almond Joys and peanut m&ms Chapter 4--Do You ... Sing in the shower? Not so much anymore, actually. that's kinda sad Write memos on your hand? Yeah... I tend not to lose my hands so that way I still have the notes Sleep on a certain side of the bed? I usually sleep by the wall which is the left side now... but when the boy is over, I usually get bumped to the right. Wear glasses or contacts? Not yet *knock on wood* Any weird habits: Tons. I'm inherently a ball player and therefore VERY superstitious. I won't walk under ladders or any of that kinda thing, I don't usually mix the food on my plate, don't get me STARTED on my eating habits... I'll just let this question go before I rattle off all the strange ticks I have Have any bad habit: I procrastinate to the point where it verges on just reckless insanity. Dislike something about yourself: Of course Chapter 5--Have You Ever... Worn braces?: Nope Broken a bone?: Not yet Had stitches?: Also, not yet Shoplifted?: Yeah. I was 7 and forgot I was carrying a corn muffin til we got into the car in the parking lot. Punched someone in the face?: Yes. Skipped school?: I used to have such good attendance... then I hit college, and ever since then it's gone down hill Gone scuba diving?: It's on my list of things to do Been stung by a bee?: Yeah Thrown up in a restaurant?: Once, but I made it to the toilets first Been to overnight camp?: Nature's Classroom in 6th grade Written a letter to Santa Claus? I think it's a requirement of childhood. Been sent to the principals office?: Yeah, once in elementary school when there was a fight that broke out in the girls bathroom and I happened to be in there... i swear i wasnt involved... dont call my parents.... Aaaannnnd when I was a senior in highschool i got called down to the office and bitched out by our headmaster cuz my car was parked in the bookstore ladies spot... she then came over and told the headmaster to leave me alone cuz i was a 'good kid' haha. oooh spm and your crap administration. Been called a bitch?: Usually as a term of endearment... but def. have been in a not so endearing way as well. Chaper 6--Who/What was the last.. Person to IM you?: Steve-o Person to call you?: Sticks Person you hugged?: Shaun Person to Message you on myspace: Nova Person you tackled?: Haven't really tackled anyone in a while... i'll get on top of that Thing you touched?: Keyboard Thing you ate?: Corn Thing you drank?: Water
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Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Subject:Crumpled notes on scrap papers
Time:6:21 pm.
"Remember when it didn't matter? When your main concern was whether or not it rained because that would determine if you'd be able to go outside to play at recess? Back when the idea of staying in by the phone sounded completely foreign and stupid - as if anyone would actually do such a thing!

Remember when none of the bullshit was necessary? Back when none of the lies went beyond who had the last cookie. When you were sure of yourself more often than not. It didn't concern you how you looked, beyond if you had some form of clothes on at all. Remember not caring what past relationships meant - because there were none.

It was back when everything had such potential. Everything had hope. I haven't lost hope, mind you, but now hope is given the overhanging glare of feeling feeble. It's as if it's almost a fools errand to hold onto hope. I think that's why my hopes always seem to be in vain... then again, as any of my friends will tell you, I tend to strive and go after things that are pretty much inaccessible.

I think now I need to switch to faith. Just throw out my hands, because the ball is out of my court. Just accept that everything will work out how it's supposed to. I've done all I can do, and it's time to accept the facts that I can't do anymore to help it, so I have to just ... let go. If someone wants to find me, it isn't too hard if I want to be found. So I give over to faith. Been a long time since I really gave anything up to that, so I may as well give it a shot.

The tough part comes in when you try to factor trust into the scheme of things. People lie. They don't always mean to, but they do. If someone says they'll do something, you trust that they will, but it just doesn't end up happening sometimes. Life can get in the way. Distractions happen. In the workings of the world, we all have our own priority lists in our heads, and if some higher thing comes up, the other stuff gets knocked down a notch."

Cleaning my apartment today, I found this in the bottom of my school bag. Figured it was meant as a LJ entry when I wrote it, so I figured I'd type it up.
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Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

Subject:The words you never say are the ones that say the most
Time:5:31 am.
Mood: nostalgic.
Describe comfort:
Laying in a tent at night in the middle of the woods and knowing that nothing too bad can ever happen so long as you are surrounded by the people in that little nylon enclosure. Being able to lay down on a thin plastic air mattress with a little pebble digging into your side and laughing so hard that your abs are sore and not even noticing either of those pains because its just not important. Having the confidence that no matter what you say in that damn tent, it's not possible that anyone there will judge you for it or make you feel smaller.

Apparently comfort and friendship have a lot in common.

...and this is what happens when I look through pictures on my computer at half five in the morning...
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Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

Time:7:30 pm.
Mood: disappointed.
Wow. I was really happy and really excited. i trusted this jerk, and forgave a lot of things.

Why can't I just make myself understand that in the world of relationships, I don't exist.

I'm really let down... why did I think I might catch a break, and things might be nice, if only for a little while?
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Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

Time:7:03 am.
"And you don't miss the water til the well runs dry"
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Friday, February 17th, 2006

Subject:The morning is a blank page
Time:3:35 am.
Mood: contemplative.
I used to be a writer. I wasn't bad at it either. I'm not saying I was great or anything, but there was potential there. I should have kept up with it. If I'd stuck with it, by now I'd be finished with that damn novel I began about 5 years ago at this point, and I might be more than half good at telling a story properly. Instead all that stuff that I half finished and only just started has been left untouched for quite some time. I just stumbled upon a bunch of old works of mine that I'd completely forgotten about and re-read them. It's sad to look back and see that I did something that I know I enjoyed doing (as none of these things were school assignment related) and that I just ...stopped.

My friends used to write too. I can think of two of them who used to be very good and I loved reading their stuff. They don't seem to write any more either. That's pretty sad too. I guess we all just get too busy and can't seem to find the time to sit down and do it anymore. I'm pretty sure that's why I stopped. I should probably just pick up a pen and start again... once I have a free minute.

And another thing; why do we have to get serious when we grow up? Is that supposed to make us happier? Or better people? How many adults do you see walking around with ridiculously stressed out serious auras about them do you look at and say "wow... they look like they're living a great life!". (For the record, I do understand that I sounds like i'm suffering from peter pan-esque syndrom) I've been thinking a lot about my life and what I want to make of myself recently. I think I've actually come up with a plan that I'm going to be sticking too... and as fanciful as it may sound, it is plausible. I've wanted to move to Australia for quite some time now. I've also known for at least the past half year that I don't believe I'll ever become an archaeologist. While I do love the subject, I'm not in love with it (haha, i had to write that, forgive me). Seriously though, I just don't have the patience that it takes to be an archaeologist, I think. I also fear that I'd end up in some museum if I followed that track and that's just not going to work for me. So what I plan on doing is applying for the big anthropology scholarship/grant through HC, which stipulates that you must stay outside of the US for an entire year without returning while studying the ethnographic pursuit of your choice. My choice? Aboriginal Australian Dreamtime and Songlines. It's just about the most interesting concept I've ever encountered and embodies exactly the areas of culture that intrigue me the most. Once that years up, I want to go to grad school in Melborne, apply for residency after graduating (and since I've been told that immigration there is a bitch and you need a trade to even be considered, I'll be listing mine as 'bartending' ...and i've also been told that that is entirely legit - i think australia has the highest consumption of beer per capita in the world) and i want to be taking night classes and summer courses while doing post grad study in wilderness training so i can get certified as an adventure guide. That's what i'll want to be doing for the next 10 years of my life.

Hey, I never could see myself as staying in one place for too long, or getting trapped in a desk job. I figure switching between the outback, to Melbourne, to giving tours of the Great Barrier Reef, or camping trips in Perth or wherever and tending bar at a local pub is just about the right fit. Plus, if ever there comes the day when some poor sap decides he wants to marry me, it's still a stable enough situation that i'd actually be able to start a family if i wanted.

So why is it that i look at this plan and it seem like a fantasy that will never come to fruition? It's plausible. I know that I can get into post grad study at an australian university. I know that I can take the courses and get certified to lead camping trips or scuba diving tours. I know that there will always be a bar where I can get work. I know that I can do this if it's what i want. But it doesnt sounds appropriately serious to be what a grown up does. So should that stop me from trying for it? Or is life simply going to 'get in the way' and prevent me from chasing down this dream?

I dunno. I should go to bed now. I have to stop staying up til 4am and later... or is it earlier? ... not important. Gotta a lot of work to do in the morning.

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Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

Time:4:33 am.
I'm pretty sure they use the left over white and pink M&Ms from Valentine's Day in their Easter M&M packs.

Those crafty bastards.
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Sunday, February 12th, 2006

Subject:It was a Tuesday night in November...
Time:12:17 am.
Mood: calm.
Everyone loves to tell the 'when we first met' stories. It doesn't matter if the story is about the first time you met someone who currently is no longer a part of your life - you'll always have that story, and if a friend or the like happens to ask you for it, you're most likely going to be glad/willing to relay the tale.

There's something about first impressions that just seem to linger longer than most. I fully believe that the first time you meet someone and register what they look like and file it under the appropriate name introduction, you kind of don't really 'see' them each subsequent time, instead that file picture in your brain appears and it just registers that the name attached to it is who you are seeing/talking to. Then, at some unexpected point in the future, you 'see' that person again and realize how much they changed (even if it's only very subtle) and it's a whole new picture. It like updating your brains filing cabinets.

But that was a tangent. I was meaning to go on about first meeting stories. And though I do (unfortunately) realize that Valentine's Day is right around the corner so everyone's probably reading into this as a 'when i first saw Joey Suave in the hall between classes...' I'm actually referring to all versions of first impressions. All those people who've made a significant impact on my life (be they those that are still in it or those that have moved out of it) have given me one of these stories. There are dozens upon dozens and more moments in my life when I first was introduced to a person, but those are moments that I might only vaguely remember... or in awkward social situations where you are re-introduced, pretend that I remember them clearly.... But every one of the people who've made one of these lasting marks on the landscape of my life has a pretty fun and/or unique tale attached to it.

The best part of them is, no matter how badly or abruptly the relationship may have ended or how sour it may have turned or whatever - these stories get to preserve that original untaintedness that can still make you smile (even if it's just a little). SO yeah. I'm just gunna drop in a cut and just scribble down a few moments that pop into my head
Remember when...Collapse )

Alrighty. I'm out - Bubye!
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Monday, February 6th, 2006

Time:1:56 am.
When it rains, it pours... and when it's not pouring, it's a drought. In either case, all you ever think about is water.
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Tuesday, January 31st, 2006

Subject:New pages are daunting
Time:7:54 pm.
Mood: thoughtful.
I think one of the reasons that we all seem to hold onto things for longer than we should is that we don't want to have to start the process all over again when we need to move on. It's hard to throw out those well worn in comfortable shoes, even though they have holes all in the soles and smell like crap. Once you throw them out, you need to break in a new pair and risk getting those annoying blisters at the back of your feet, and they're stiff. So yeah, relationships are like sneakers. It's tough to find good ones, and the ones that will last you the longest and are the best quality will cost you a lot.
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Monday, January 23rd, 2006

Time:1:49 pm.
Mood: happy.
One thing I seem to be learning recently, is that I really don't know anything at all. This should be a more upsetting thing to discover than it has been for me, probably... but really, I'm kinda relieved by the concept. The reason being, predominantly, that a lot of what I thought I knew was that a vast majority things in life are almost predestined to disappoint you or be hard and not terribly rewarding... not that that 'knowledge' ever kept me from pretending like most things were going to work out just fine, and I've always been of the mind that everything will work out right in the end.

Things have come about and surprised me. Not all have been rosy and warm and fuzzy... but all have been enlightening and very positive experiences for me on the whole - even the ones that hurt.

I have also come to the conclusion that my life really rocks. Sure, there've been some pretty crappy problems in there and less than perfect situations, but I've also been really lucky. I was reflecting on a lot of what's gone on for me in the past (I had a lot of time to reflect during the 4 hours i was standing outside the college gates attempting to hand out flyers for the Star... I'm still regaining feeling in my fingers) and I've had a good number of 'movie moments'. Those moments that you may not realize it at the time, but looking back, you realize that it kind of played out like a script from some tv show or classic film. Well, maybe not a 'classic' film... I've never been whisked up a flight of a grand entrance stair case in a rich old plantation house, or gone dancing on the deck of an ocean liner... but I'm pretty sure if i attempted either of those i'd be dropped down the stairs laughing and probably fall over board due to a poorly executed dip.

I think we just seem to remember the lonely times and sad moments more clearly while we're in sadder moods... but when you take time to really think, you'll probably discover you've had some really awesome instants as well. I've got the best friends I could ever ask for. I have a wonderful family (which is delightfully eccentric). Tons of stories to share. I've been able to acquire quite a few survival skills in my short time. And as much as I can gripe about my (lack of) love life, it really hasn't been all that bad.

So yeah. The sky might be overcast and the wind may be blowing a little colder than is comfortable, but I can't seem to stop smiling today. I hope any one who bothered to read this perhaps overly mushy entry will take a few seconds to just think of one memory that they have from their past, however distant or immediate, that was worthy of a smile.

Catty. Llamas. Ogre. Pants. Biscuit. Hanz. 6. Dammit Janet. Silence. Batty.

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Thursday, January 19th, 2006

Subject:The wisdom of the weary
Time:3:59 am.
Mood: calm.
It may be that I just haven't gotten more than 2 hours sleep in the past 48 hours, or it might be that simply I am female, and this entails certain irrational behaviors despite personal desire. I sincerely wish that some things in life could just be black and white and easy to tell the difference between, but almost all the time, that simply isn't the case when such a situation would be most useful.

I've been in a grey area recently, and I don't really know how to deal appropriately with this particular shade. At certain times, the situation looks clearly white, other times, obvioulsy black... and, I swear, the damn situation looks green on occasion!

In any event, during my second 2 hour lecture of the day, as I was struggling to stay awake, I started to just write. Stream of consciousness. And lo and behold, I reached a moment of clarity. My problem has always been with 'hope' in this department. I either give it up too early, hold on to it for too long, or question my decision to hold it out. What I'm trying to figure out right now, it doesn't need hope. I'm not trying to imply it's hopeless, though I am inclined to say that it feels that way at this particular moment in time. No. Instead, what this particular case calls for is faith. I just need to let go of everything. It's out of my hands, and I just need to wipe them clean and just put my faith into this situation. I've decided that I have faith that this will work out the way it's supposed to in the end, and I've done as much for it as I'm entitled to contribute... my two cents were put in... and i'm pretty sure I dropped an extra penny or two in there extra as well. No more self imposed time limits. No more worrying or fretting over what i should do. All I need to do is just chill out and stop stressing over it. I did my part, and I gave it the best shot I knew how, and now its my turn to get on my board and just ride it out to whatever end.

I'm surprisingly good with this resolution. Usually, I'd be second guessing myself about this at this point already... but I think I'll actually be alright with this tactic.

It's been a while since I put my faith into something. Even though this is really putting my faith on some undefined end, it's kinda refreshing.

Time will tell, but in the mean time while I wait for it to speak, I'll go listen to what other things have to say :-D
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Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

Time:6:42 am.

but at the same time, i at least know that i still can handle myself in clutch situations... it's good to know you've still got what you thought you'd lost.
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Monday, January 16th, 2006

Subject:The late night ramblings of the mildly insane
Time:3:52 am.
Mood: awake.
It's been far too long since the last time I could remember what it is that I'm supposed to write in this livejournal. Well... it's also been a damn long time since I've had access to the internet readily available. I always feel like I gripe more than anything when I write in this thing. Which is probably true, since the sad truth about life can be that we have an easier time remembering and holding onto those things that upset us, and they can overshadow the good things that we had experienced even moments before said bad thing.

But that's neither here nor there.

I have a new roommate. Her name is Megara (or that's why I call her, at least). She's from Fort Myers, FL... but somehow is a Yankees fan. It's dispicable, I know, but her excuse is that it's hereditary since her parents grew up in the Bronx. I still maintain that it's unacceptable and that someday (perhaps a random day of spring training) she will come around and see the light. Regardless! She's a really cool chick and I'm very glad to have her living in the apartment now that Larry has peaced out. That makes 4 people who have abandoned Rm. 4 in our apt. Yep. It's haunted. Anyway, originally the prospect of having this much estrogen in one small apartment freaked me out a bit, and Aiofe and Elaine were also a bit nervous, but the good news is that it's not really appearing to be a problem so far, as none of us are terribly girly or catty, which is a rather sweet deal in my opinion. Aiofe and I have gotten a lot closer. I chilled at her place in Kilarney over the new year, since I worked in a night club there for New Year's Eve (never have I seen so many people pass out on top of a bar before in my life... nor have I been winked at by that many sketchy guys in one night haha... it was good times.)

Life has thrown me some curveballs from purgatory lately. This has taught me a few things. One, the human body can take a lot of abuse, and it will surprise you when you find yourself being pushed further than you thought you could go. Two, the definition of insanity is doing something the same time repeatedly and expecting different result... accept this, break the habit, and you might get lucky. You might not... but at least you have a shot this way. Three, when you really need it, something will present itself. And four, if you want it, you do have to get off your arse and work for it. ....oh, and one more thing.... 13 has always been one of my lucky numbers ;-)

And with that being said, I need to get off my arse and write my CV so as to get me some more jobs over this side of the atlantic, and stop by the Western Star to see if they'll be giving me some hours behind the bar again (NO way am I doing flyers anymore... that's the perfect job if you ever want to feel like the Invisible Man). I should probaly also pay a visit to my good friends at the Department of Family and Social Affairs... I know you're all enthralled to know about my errand list, but if you're still bothering to read at this point, that's your fault now isn't it? Haha.

And I'm done.

Good news to follow?
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Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

Subject:Oh, conforming...
Time:1:48 am.
Mood: awake.
All the cool kids were doing it:

ENFJ- The Teacher
You scored 63% I to E, 15% N to S, 42% F to T, and 36% J to P!
Your type is known as the teacher, or the educating mentor. You also belong to the larger group, called idealists. You tend to bring out the best in other people. You lead without seeming to do so. People are naturally drawn to you. You expect the very best from people which takes the form of enthusiastic encouragement which is so charming that people try their best not to disappoint you. You share your personality type with 3% of the population.
You need to feel a deep and meaningful connection to your romantic partners, and go to great lengths to understand and please your mate. Harmony is vitally important to you, and you often put others' needs before your own. You have a pretty thin skin and are easily hurt. Although you strive for harmony, when your values or ethics are violated, you can be very emotional, confrontational, and even punishing. However, you are very insightful about the underlying cause of conflicts, and an excellent communicator, so you have the tools to bring about a quick and peaceful resolution as long as you can keep control of your facilities. You want to be appreciated for your thoughtfulness and compassion. You need your partner to make a real effort to get to know you. Above all, you need to be able to express your feelings and have them taken seriously.
Your group summary: idealists (NF)
Your type summary: ENFJ

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 10% on N to S

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Link: The LONG Scientific Personality Test written by unpretentious2 on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test
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Friday, December 16th, 2005

Time:4:49 pm.
Mood: excited.
And thus ends my first semester in Cork. And it was quite the experience. We intended on having a pub crawl last night, but it kinda morphed into an apartment party for a while ending in people wandering out into the streets of Cork at around 10ish... i think it was 10ish? Either way, I had about 5 shots of rum and like 8 redbull and vodkas... I also lost about 3 hours of my night. Dunno what happened. I was informed this morning that apparently those 3 hours were good craic. Good to know. ...My stomach isn't too pleased with me today, either.

I feel I should do a basic sum up of my life here so far... but i'm not sure how, since so much has happened. So here are a few things I've learned since coming here and a few memorable moments as well-

*The reception at Victoria Lodge is not very receptive. And it will take them 2 months to get you that missing coffee table, after mistaking 'missing coffee table' for 'we need more little plates' several times.
*The Euro doesn't like the American Dollar.
*Pint of Murphys doesn't sound like 'pint of murphys' when said by an old drunk man with a Cork accent.
*Langer = bad, Craic = good.
*Tesco is a life saver and the love of my Irish life.
*You will actually walk so much that you wear out your shoes when you live here.
*Elaine and Aiofe are amazing and hysterical.
*Teaching Irish students american drinking games will always end in hilarity.
*Movies come out here much later than at home... March of the Penguins was just released.
*Tommy Tiernan, Collin Murphy, and Des Bishop are funny funny men.
*Old ruins look very similar after seeing tons of them. But the cows never get old.
*It's perfectly acceptable to just walk through some farmer's backyard to get to a random ringfort when you're guided by Professor Tomas.
*Edinburg is gorgeous and one day I may have to run away and live there. With Gentry and my favorite receptionist.
*I can speak french. Sweet.
*Dell sucks. I hate them. Fiery passion.
*If you fight for 4 months straight, you can eventually get your Type 2 Stamp and finally become eligible for legal employment.
*I love the Western Star... but I hate doing promos for them.
*Being on the pull is dangerous buisness
*I am apparently a horribly bad influence when I go out with either Lauren or Molly and they end up coming home with men. (I don't see how this is a bad thing :-D)
*There are no reeses products over here.
*Wedges and fries are delicious with mayo.
*Underwear parties at midnight. 'nuff said.
*Ben and Jerry's is €6 per pint... this is horrible.
*I have managed to lose my favorite black sweatshirt, but somehow was able to hold onto my tiny plastic swipey card.
*Emily is the best postcard writer EVER.
*I love and miss all my friends back in the states.
*Fast Eddies is a bit sketchy... Redz is pretty sweet.
*People will steal your fun hats if you wear them out... it's dog eat dog when you go to city center.
*The english market smells like fish.
*The 2 Euro store is amazing.
*Java City employees know me by name and beverage at this point.
*ORB = awesome
*I have lost 90% of my motivation to go to lectures
*It's a small world after all.
*The people across the hall are mean and call the warden if Elaine and I are listening to music while getting ready on Friday nights. Langers.
*Cork slang confuses me. Luckily I had the boy and the roomies to help me figure it out.
*The Green Men at crossing points of roads are VERY helpful... but the Wilton Rotary doesn't believe in them.
*Buses drive very quickly and look like they'll hit you evrytime they pass.
*A trip to Dublin will last 5 hours and cost you 6 euro, but a ride to Kinsale will take you 45 minutes and cost you 8 euro. why? The world will never know.
*There are tons of very popular christmas carols in Ireland that I have simply never heard of.
*No such thing as sexual harassment in the work place over here. Makes for some very entertaining situations.
*4 am is a perfectly acceptable bedtime, and Tuesday is the perfect night to go out to the pubs.

And finally

*Cork has good craic.

I go home this weekend. It'll be awesome to see everyone again. It's going to be Christmas. AND I get to be an aunt. That's some great motivation to get my arse up and walk to the bus station at 6am to catch my bus and flight etc. Alrighty, this is long enough.

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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

Subject:Long time, no update
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Yeah. So. There have been many interesting developments since last I wrote. And at the moment, there have been a few very shitty ones, and therefore I don't really feel much like writing a whole lot about what I've been up to. I should be writing my Archaeological Theory essay right now. So, in keeping with the traditional methods, I have a survey thingy that I'm doing instead.

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